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How do you determine which Herbicide to use?
The herbicide for each job is determined by a vegetation management plan.  We take into consideration the vegetation that needs to be controlled, land use, adjacent land owners concerns, cost, and the safety to the applicator and livestock.
Why is spraying my weeds so expensive?
Spraying is no more expensive than mowing when you are getting an outside person to do it and often it is more cost effective because it has the potential to give you multiple years worth of control as opposed to mowing that will only give you a couple weeks of control and then you have to mow again.  Call us and we can give you some options for a stress free summer.
How effective is the herbicide if it rains soon after being applied?
Each herbicide has a different timeline when rain is involved. The time between rain and maximum efficiency can be from  1/2 hour to six hours depending on the chemical. We will always take weather into account before starting any job. If we feel that the application will not be successful because of rain coming, we will return a different day to apply.
What are the benefits to spraying versus mowing?
Spraying achieves control on weeds in one application.  Spraying is less costly and quicker.
What are my options to control Foxtail Barley?
Because Foxtail is a grass species it cannot be controlled with a broadleaf (selective) herbicide. To control it with a non-selective herbicide such as "Round Up" results in dead patches on the site, which in turn attracts more weeds.

While fertilizer and overseeding can encourage competition from desirable grasses to help "choke out" the foxtail, it only limits new foxtail infestations and doesn't remove existing plants.
There are a number of chemicals on the market for this problem plant. We can work through a plan to help you control you populations while reducing flushes into the future.

Weed and Brush Spraying is one of the most practical vegetation management options available. It is also one of the safest due to our careful selection and application of the herbicide. When appropriate, spraying offers a wide
variety of benefits, the major ones being:
  • Low cost, as mowing can cost up to 400% more.
  • Highly effective because of our certified and trained crews, proper equipment and the appropriate choice of herbicide target the specific infestations.
  • Long lasting control (some treatments lasting more than the first year of application)
  • Targeted programs control the specific weeds allowing other desired vegetation to flourish.
  • Eliminate invasive species before they can get a foothold on the property.
  • Reduce fire hazards, or food sources for pests. Improves the site appearance and reduces movement of weed seeds onto adjacent properties.