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Prairie Environmental Services
offers a complete range of services designed to provide optimal management of vegetation  and pests for all landscapes.

Our equipment can control areas of concerns from  your right-of-ways, industrial/commercial
properties, or residential yards. 

RoCon Gopher Control/ Baiting/ trapping (we will give you options to best suit your terrain and needs)
Northern Pocket Gopher control (Landscape settings)
Outdoor mouse control
Municipal Weed Inspection/ Plant ID programs
Pest Management Consultations
Speaking topics for events; weed and pest control options
Skunk Trap Rentals/ Skunk Removal
Mosquito Larva monitoring and control
Large Mulch Bed Creation and Maintenance (great for an acreage and parks rejuvenation)

 Vegetation Management          Other Services

Broad leaf Chemical Application

Bare Ground Application
Brush Spraying
Lease site vegetation management
Municipal, commercial, industrial and acreage services
Municipal, commercial, industrial and acreage services
Biological Control Agent releases
Rough Mowing and fire break mowing available.

Pesticide Application Reports provided


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