We offer a wide variety of lawn care packages to suit individual needs. Check out our Plans and Pricing tab for more information.



Our Industrial team offers a comprehensive vegetation management program tailored for every customer. As a partner in your Industrial Vegetation Planning, we will utilize integrated pest management principles to provide the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective program for your business. Yearly control programs combined with additional services including Integrated Pest Management (IPM) reports, Weed Inspection/Identification, Noxious Weed selective programs, and roadway spraying provide superior control and management for any invasive species program.


Vegetation management goes further than just spraying weeds. 

Prairie Environmental operates a fleet of specialized units ranging in size and versatility to meet your needs. We have the proper equipment to complete the job with minimal environmental impact and optimal vegetation management. Our comprehensive experience and continual advancement of technical knowledge allow us for a quick response to your needs with the safest possible application and development of effective vegetation management plans.



Having trouble with pests near your home or acreage?

Prairie Environmental Services can help! We have specialized training to trap and remove any unwanted pests from your property.​

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We Offer:

  • Richardson's Ground Squirrel Voles/Pocket Gophers control

  •  RoCon Gopher control is a non-toxic approach to controlling gophers in your lawn and pasture that is quickly becoming the go-to for gopher control. With the specialized equipment and product, you will see a vast reduction in the population of gophers this year and into the future.

  • Tick, Spider & Mosquito spraying that is Natural and Non-toxic control for all your outdoor bug needs.

Full season packages available



Keeping your staff safe and your customers happy is very important in our cold winter climate. It is extremely important that your parking lots and drives stay clear and free of ice and snow. Prairie Environmental Services will keep your property safe and clear, even throughout the heaviest snowfalls. We are well known for our professional and reliable commercial property maintenance services that guarantee your business won’t be interrupted. We can help you have business as usual without the stress.



We are all busy. Having to shovel or get out the snowblower should be the last thing we worry about after coming home from a busy day at work or waking up first thing on a weekend.  Let us take the shovel out of your hand and clear your driveway before it piles up.  Spend that time playing in the snow instead of shoveling it.


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